Bringing together actionable data between your system & Jovix

Jovix can be integrated with several of the industry’s top platforms to deliver one optimal solution. When you choose to integrate your current construction materials management system with Jovix, the result is an easier, quicker, and more efficient process. Jovix Connect, our open API (Application Programming Interface), offers real-time insights into material availability through secure, standardized, and reliable integration.


The popularity of open APIs facilitates solutions like Jovix Connect, allowing systems to communicate without assumption of system-specific integration or implementation. The widespread acceptance of these standards makes it significantly easier to integrate multiple systems.


Our open API, Jovix Connect, handles all integrations.

Fast Data Flow

The slow, manual, error-prone process of flat file imports is a thing of the past. For a destination system to receive an accurate flat file import, the spreadsheet must be in the correct format. Automated imports solve this probem by requiring rules on how data flows between systems and includes as many error conditions and corner cases as possible. Software systems united through integration complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Technical Specs

REST API, secure over HTTPS, JSON content, JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for authentication & authorization