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Supply Chain Visibility

Jovix® is an award-winning Material Readiness® application designed specifically for industrial construction. By digitizing and automating the manual, paper-based data collection of construction’s past, Jovix provides real-time visibility to all stakeholders throughout your supply chain. Employing a combination of web-based server software, mobile devices, and smart RFID tags and barcode labels, Jovix removes impediments to productivity and ensures workers have the materials they need to spend more time on tools.

Who Do We Serve?


Waiting on materials can lead to non-productive direct labor. Jovix lets you know the location of any material at any time. Eliminating that obstacle increases productivity and leads to more time on tools.


With Jovix, owners and operators are given realtime visibility into an increasingly complex global supply chain that potentially extends across multiple projects, contractors, fabricators, suppliers, and EPC firms.


Adding Jovix upstream into material fabrication reduces indirect labor hours by removing outdated paper-based processes. Jovix puts everyone on the same page by setting expectations for material delivery.

How do we serve?