Advanced Work Packaging

Manage exceptions in real time on a single platform.

From improper vendor documentation to incomplete design to a lack of manpower, there have always been barriers to accurate material planning in a non-digital construction world. At the core of the Jovix work package functionality is the ability to forecast future material management issues. Jovix compares supply data from purchase orders, shipments, and field transactions with demand data from work packages and project schedule. These comparisons automatically flag any issues with Construction Work Packages (CWPs) and Installation Work Packages (FIWPs) that might impact the construction plan.

What causes Material Constraints?

One major factor is the lack of clarity around the way suppliers package and ship materials to the jobsite. With the Jovix Mobile app, suppliers create digital packing lists at the source.

A digital packing list contains:

  • Sub-item (ship-loose) identification
  • Crate/container-level information
  • Auto-ID (RFID/barcode) of all assets

A digital packing list links all components back to the work plan and verifies they’re issued, once requested by the materials team. This reduces material constraints and any impact to craft labor.

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Why is AWP Software Important?

The supply chain visibility afforded by Jovix empowers workface planners and construction managers to focus on managing exceptions. In turn, expeditors can turn their attention to specific materials that are forecast to cause disruption. Automated material allocation, combined with forecasting and predictive analytics, enables your team to quickly identify and resolve material issues before they impact the plan. The goal of Jovix and AWP is to ensure materials are ready when you need them, and a CII study shows that craft labor productivity can be improved up to 25% through improved workface planning and integrated Material Readiness.