Jovix Customer Success

Understand customer needs. Deliver success.

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Here’s what our customer success team ensures:

  • Proactive project evaluation & optimization of product functionality
  • Onboarding & execution of project-specific scope
  • Initial & ongoing training
  • 24/7 user support
  • Adoption, project compliance & communication
  • Process adherence
  • Upstream engagement
  • Status reporting of KPIs & budget reviews

After reviewing your goals, we create KPIs to track success. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, we ensure the value of Jovix increases. Each position in our customer success team plays a vital role as you move from assessment to implementation to adoption to long-term, continuous improvement. Customer service managers engage in the Material Readiness Assessment phase and own implementation from kickoff to post-deployment. Professional services arrives at kickoff for technology adoption, system integrations, and data management. And customer support is the final piece of the puzzle, providing continuous product support.

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