The Jovix Drone-Mounted Reader: Patent Pending

Atlas RFID Solutions is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the technology behind their Drone-Mounted Reader. This technology will improve the ability to locate and manage critical construction materials in several ways:

  • Enables workers to read every tag on a site, even those at elevation or otherwise difficult to locate
  • Improved safety as this eliminates the need for vehicle sweeps of the yards / zones
  • More accurate locations, as the drone’s position eliminates a lot of the “noise” from reads on the ground
  • Autonomous flight with pre-configured flight patterns for consistent and full-coverage sweeps (pilot still required to hold controls per FAA regulations)

With the new payload technology attached to a drone, it sweeps laydown yards to provide location updates for thousands of materials. This cutting-edge technology will free up resources and time—translating into cost savings and better safety.

“We saw a true need in the market not just to scan laydown yards more effectively, but to fill the gap in the technology to allow a steady, readable flow of active RFID reads,” says Jeff Burns, a Product Developer listed on the patent.

The focus of this technology is industrial asset location management—assets on site that are RFID-tagged and prepared for installation. With the guidance of a commercially-rated drone pilot, a typical 2-hour scan of an industrial laydown yard with a vehicle could be as low as 20 minutes (depending on variables including weather conditions). With the construction industry looking to drones for aerial inspections, progress updates via photo, thermal imagery inspections and more, the DMR’s addition to the market is timely.

The technology has been rigorously field-tested by a large EPC firm. The final market-ready product will be released later in 2018.

About Jovix & the Drone Payload

Atlas RFID’s patent-pending drone (aka Unmanned Aerial System) payload was developed as a complete solution—that includes software integration and hardware. The drone conducts aerial sweeps over mega-sized construction laydown yards, and it is fully integrated with Atlas’s software set: Jovix. Jovix features outstanding complementary features for a wide variety of applications.

The Jovix hardware and software is used on sites worldwide, and the industry-leading software includes a cloud-based web application, mobile applications, a vehicle-mounted reader, and gate readers. Jovix is designed to provide the complete solution from fabrication to material installation.


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