The Benefits of Jovix Amidst the Industry Challenges

James Pitts, Jovix Project Manager, imports expediting data (ETA/RAS updates) from an EP Partner into Jovix and performs mobile testing ahead of the release update, all while participating in conference calls.


Given the travel restrictions for non-essential activities amidst the global pandemic, Jovix has mobilized in new ways to support Projects that are limited to essential workers only or are temporarily shut down. We are proud of the work we’ve done to perform our responsibilities remotely while maintaining our current schedule.

This pause in work for some Jobsites is allowing teams to realign on Site initiatives, clean up processes, and identify improvements moving forward. Below is a list of the work our Field Team members are bringing to these Jobsites while working remotely.

Data Work

In addition to the ongoing review of system settings, configuration, and statuses based on Site discussions, the Jovix Digital Supply Chain Coordinators are able to remotely assist with a number of tasks, ensuring the system is up-to-date for those on the Jobsite or the returning team once restrictions are lifted. This includes Digital Packing List or barcode uploads, refining yard / zone borders or rules, and importing ETA / RAS information from PO BOMs.

Our team reinforces the Digital Supply Chain methodologies to continue cross-departmental alignment through effective communication and delivery. As supply and demand requirements change and progress, so too do the interactive touchpoints within Jovix, ensuring this is always maintained to avoid and eliminate Project risk upon re-mobilization.

By presenting current and accurate KPIs to fully understand Project status throughout the Supply Chain, our team allows for drill-down opportunities, driving improvement initiatives. The full definition of remaining and actionable deliverables (where we are at vs. where we need to be) is being developed by some of the team to deliver as a valuable attack plan.

The remote team ensures discreet scopes of work are adequately broken down from a demand perspective, allowing for the supply and Material Readiness functions to prepare accordingly. The team members are also able to conduct dispute resolutions – reviewing and prioritizing OSDs by Vendor – while determining an action plan with the Customer.


Much of the support needed on the Jobsite is reporting based on the information that Jovix is collecting. Our team is working with their Projects to provide time-saving reports, including:

  • PO / WP Revision reports as Planning and Purchasing make changes
  • Open Transaction report –> what can be actioned remotely
  • Cycle Counting and Reconciling
  • Daily Materials Received report
  • Weekly PO Lines report
  • Weekly Tagged Material Readiness report

Health Audits & Data Cleanup

With a pause in many Construction timelines, our team can clean up bad or misaligned data, as well as set a new process to prevent bad data in the future. This includes remediation work such as correcting PODL / POLI Line inconsistencies caused by manual entry vs. Integration at the PO level.

The teams can also audit open transactions in the system including MWRs, Pick Lists, Issues, Receipts, and OS&Ds to identify a path forward for stale transactions and audit / resolve missing sub-items. Work is also being conducted to maintain accurate inventory levels based on historical receiving and / or assets on-site that continue to arrive prior to shutdown.

Training & Support

Jovix is using this time to further develop training curriculum for Project scope and processes as well as on-board new Users. Remote training sessions are being offered for supplementary training needs, as well as to elevate SuperUsers to be full Subject Matter Experts for the Jovix system. Our team is also aiding any on-site workers to address support cases as they arise.

Faster Restart

All over the world, we are seeing Fabricators, Supply Line Professionals, and Site Material Teams designated as essential employees. Although work has stopped on many Sites, materials must continue to move into place. An equal delay in Supply Line activities to match a Site shutdown can extend a drop in productivity for weeks after the crews are brought back. By staying engaged during this shutdown, Jovix personnel are assisting with tagging, shipment creation, and material marshalling at off-site laydown spaces, and on-site staging to prepare for the return of Construction crews. These activities will allow for a seamless return to work and more time on tools to help make up the valuable lost time in the schedule. In this uncharted territory, we are glad to be part of the work that keeps Projects moving forward and ensures a clear constructability path once the reins are lifted!


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