Track & Trace

Geo-Contextual Automation to find materials when you need them

“Track and Trace” is the ability to view the historical and real-time lifecycle of items in your supply chain by location and status. For our purposes, track & trace is specific to manufactured or industrial building materials that are purpose-built (e.g., pipe spools, structural steel, valves, cable reels) or bulk items used across multiple scopes of work (e.g., bolt-up, gaskets, fittings).

Whether that material is right next to you or in an off-site laydown yard under three feet of snow, Jovix ensures you know its exact location when construction needs it. This process is called “Geo-Contextual Automation”.

How Does Track & Trace Work?

Track and trace can be done by a number of technologies, depending on the circumstances of the materials in question. A few of the technologies used are GPS, cellular trilateration, barcodes, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), active and passive RFID, and RealTime Location Services (RTLS).

Geo-contextual automation begins when a tag (active or passive RFID, barcode, etc.) is attached to a material and “associated” in the Jovix database. Once attached and associated, the tagged material can then be tracked at any point in the supply chain.

Why is Track & Trace Important?

That’s a big question, but here are a couple of reasons your project might need a track and trace solution.

1. These aren’t ordinary materials. When it comes to industrial construction, you aren’t using pipes and fittings that can be found at Home Depot. You’re dealing with materials that are manufactured specifically for unique placement in a tightly-engineered design, and those items are expected by construction on a specific date. If your team is unable to locate just one key material at the right time, it can potentially upend the schedule and impact project costs. Depending on the project’s scale, one week of unexpected schedule adjustments could mean millions of dollars lost.

2. Materials DO get lost. Industrial construction projects are becoming more complex all the time, and the number of players within any given supply chain is growing. With hundreds of thousands of materials arriving from fabricators and suppliers all over the world, some materials are bound to get lost if everyone is not on the same page. In fact, according to the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and our own case studies, approximately 10% of material is lost or misplaced on an average industrial construction project. With projects valued at hundreds of millions to tens of billions, 10% is easily in the tens of millions of dollars.

Using Jovix Track & Trace, materials are found faster, location updates are automated, and wait times drop from 10% to 0%. You read that right…Wait times drop to ZERO.

How Does Jovix Track & Trace Drive Material Wait Times Down to ZERO?

The key to eliminating material wait times is implementing the Jovix solution upstream, and the further Jovix goes up the supply chain, the more effective it is for your project. Once a material is tagged, the automated data collection begins, and from that point, you’ll always be aware of its status and location. Jovix users have been known to see a 9X reduction in material location times.