Jovix Mobile

The power of Jovix at your fingertips

Jovix leverages Auto-ID with mobile devices to conduct material management and warehousing transactions. Replace the clipboard with a modern, intuitive workflow. Jovix Mobile users are equipped with all the data they need to perform tasks more efficiently and with fewer errors. Automated digital transactions capture material status and location data in near real-time to populate project reports and provide visibility and insights to your entire team.

What’s Included?

  • Digital packing lists: Jovix Mobile devices are used by suppliers and fabricators to associate barcodes and RFID tags to materials and generate Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and packing lists that allow for efficient receiving.
  • Receiving: Receiving materials at the jobsite, laydown yard, warehouse, port, and mod yard is so much easier with Jovix. Users can take photos, capture heat numbers, annotate OS&Ds, and record digital signatures. The data can be published to the client’s ERP system to record inventory and update PO line items via Jovix Connect.
  • Inventory: Jovix uses mobile devices to update material status and location. This includes material transfers, inventory cycle counts, taking photos, updating GPS locations, and capturing field notes.
  • Picking: Mobile devices, Bluetooth™-enabled RFID readers, and barcode scanners help users find material via GPS and warehouse locations. Additionally, users can reference digital drawings and photos to efficiently locate materials.
  • Issuing: Jovix Mobile allows users to capture employee IDs, timestamps, GPS locations, photos, and digital signatures at the point of issue to construction.


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Inspections, Preservation & Maintenance

With Jovix Mobile, users are able to conduct digital field inspections, including receipt, quality control, and PM inspections. Configurable templates establish inspection criteria and, based on the results, provide logic-based updates to material availability. Downstream users receive notifications of next steps through automated alerts.

  • Receipt inspections: Users can perform mobile inspections (ex: pipe cleanliness) at the point of receipt, which can be configured with a variety of attributes.
  • Quality control inspections: Examples of Jovix Mobile QC inspections include required manufacturing data records, safety requirements, storage requirements, installation quality, punch list, and more.
  • PM inspections: Typical PM inspections include manufacturer-required preservation tasks for mechanical equipment. Jovix gives you the ability to configure templates to meet manufacturer, contractor, and owner requirements.

Field Document Management

Jovix Mobile provides field crews with access to project material documentation, including shop and isometric drawings, engineering specs, manufacturing preservation manuals, material safety data sheets, mill test reports, and more.