Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID Reader

Material location from above

The Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID Reader (DMR) conducts aerial sweeps over construction laydown yards and is fully integrated with Jovix.
This technology improves the ability to locate and manage critical construction materials in several ways:

  • Enables workers to read every RFID tag on a jobsite, even those at elevation or otherwise difficult to locate
  • Improved safety, as the DMR eliminates the need for vehicle sweeps of yards & zones
  • More accurate locations as the DMR’s position eliminates “noise” from ground reads
  • Autonomous flight with pre-configured flight patterns for consistent and full-coverage sweeps (pilot required to hold controls, per FAA regulations)

The Jovix DMR’s payload technology allows it to sweep laydown yards and provide location updates for thousands of materials, freeing up resources and time, which translates into cost savings and improved safety for your project.

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How Does the Jovix DMR Work?

The DMR and its powerful payload is focused on RFID-tagged assets that are prepared for installation. With the guidance of a commercially-rated drone pilot, what was once a 2-hour scan of an industrial laydown yard could drop to 20 minutes (depending on variables, including weather). With construction looking to drones for aerial inspections, progress updates via photo, thermal imagery inspections and more, the DMR’s timing could not be better.

The Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID Reader was rigorously field-tested in partnership with Bechtel, a global EPC leader, on a large liquid natural gas processing facility. Over a week of testing on 7 Bechtel laydown yards along the jobsite, the DMR scanned tons of materials and successfully identified location and status for each. Testing results not only verified the viability of the DMR’s use in construction but also led to optimized flight specifications (flight height, for example).