Jovix-Approved Hardware

Rigorously tested for extreme conditions

We’ve deployed our Material Readiness solution in extreme conditions across the globe and quickly identified a need for uncommonly rugged hardware. Our jobsites range in temperature from -40°F to 120°F, and coastal sites are exposed to salt water, fog, and extreme sunlight. In order to become the world’s foremost authority on the use of auto-ID in industrial construction, we established rigorous testing criteria for any hardware used on Jovix projects. We share those results with clients to aid in their purchasing decisions. Jovix testing can include thermal cycling, RF pattern distribution analysis, water & dust ingress (IP rating), UV exposure, crush, shock, and vibration testing.

Hardware Advancements

Our dedicated hardware team is continually searching for new and better ways to solve Material Readiness challenges in industrial construction. We’re committed not only to identifying the best hardware options available but also to driving the industry to innovate and improve the options that will be available tomorrow. We are not a hardware manufacturer, but we act as a trusted third-party advisor and subject matter expert for the kinds of hardware our clients require.