Jovix centralizes upstream & downstream info to deliver one source of shipping truth.
Jovix centralizes upstream & downstream info to deliver one source of shipping truth.

Supplier Upstream Tagging

All material management processes are driven by the construction impact date.

Historically, legacy solutions tend to be driven by procurement; the problem with this is that construction is the end customer – and should be driving the process. Having a process that is driven by construction then leads to the right materials arriving at the right time, better organization and logistics, and to faster overall completability of the projects (as shown in the comparison diagram below).


The supply chain of many solutions companies are procurement-centric.

Supply chains no longer look like this.



Jovix Upstream Tagging is a construction-driven support.

They are now complex and greatly benefit from the digital enablement Jovix provides. What materials to expedite, inspect, resolve in OS&D, pick, or issue should be optimized for workface productivity.

How does upstream tagging support visibility in the supply chain?

Jovix centralizes information – both up and downstream – and ties the flow of materials together via shipments and receipts. This communicates not only the time it takes to receive, stage, and store but eliminates data discrepancies by leveraging a platform focused on speaking a common language.

By verifying shipments in advance – both physically and digitally – time spent on remote sites to filter through inaccurate and many times, illegible paper documents, is eliminated. Jovix becomes your system of truth regarding all things related to your materials: what is included in the shipment, the date of arrival, the condition the materials were in upon arrival, and the time the carrier departed your project. These datasets and milestones are critical and provide the historical information required to attest invoices from your carrier and address any future claims that may arise.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

Advanced Visibility

Know what materials will arrive and when.

Seamless Receiving

Receive materials at the container level.

Customizable Workflows

No unnecessary data points at receiving by material type

Common Language

Planning, Logistics, Purchasing: Meeting common goals

Downstream Meets Upstream

Validating and verifying upstream to provide downstream benefits


Visibility to internal and external locations of inventoried materials, on and off-site

Dispute Resolution

Quicker, more identifiable dispute resolution; shipped vs. received

This information can then be visualized via various report dashboards in Jovix Insights.

When are upstream vendors most frequently logging in?

Understand workload and overall system activity.

How many upstream vendors are logging in?

View weekly activity as well as platform and vendor engagement.

Are upstream vendors engaged?

Overall, by site, or by time period, discover how many upstream vendors are taking advantage of Jovix to tag materials.

Are upstream users delivering?

Are you receiving what is required to progress transactions? Find out where gaps exist, and take action with the responsible party.

5% labor cost reduction

Jovix helped reduced labor costs across 3 separate projects.

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