Supplier Upstream Tagging

Centralizing upstream & downstream info to deliver one source of truth

Legacy solutions tend to be driven by procurement, and therein lies the problem…construction is actually the end customer and should be driving the process. A construction-driven process leads to the right materials arriving at the right time, as well as faster project completability.

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Upstream Tagging Supports Supply Chain Visibility

Between upstream and downstream activities, Jovix serves as a centralized information hub that ties together the flow of materials via shipments and receipts and communicates the time it takes to receive, stage, and store. By leveraging a platform focused on a common language, data discrepancies are eliminated entirely.

Spending time on remote jobsites and tediously flipping through (often-inaccurate) paper documents becomes a thing of the past by verifying shipments in advance, both physically and digitally. Jovix alerts you to what’s included in the shipment, arrival date, material condition, and even the time the carrier departs your project. This data is critical and provides a historical record to attest carrier invoices and address any future claims that might arise.

Additional Benefits

  • Advanced visibility: Know what materials will arrive and when
  • Seamless receiving: Receive materials at the container level
  • Customizable workflows: No unnecessary data points at receiving by material type
  • Common language: Planning, logistics, purchasing, meeting common goals
  • Downstream meets upstream: Validating and verifying upstream to provide downstream benefits
  • Accuracy: Visibility to internal and external locations of inventoried materials, on and off-site
  • Dispute resolution: Quicker, more identifiable dispute resolution; shipped vs. received