An integrated Preservation & Maintenance process adds value to
materials management programs.
An integrated Preservation & Maintenance process adds value to materials management programs.

PM – Preservation & Maintenance

Preservation & Maintenance is a key component of a comprehensive materials management program.

Software applications for management of Preservation & Maintenance (PM) activities have existed for some time; however, these applications typically exist as distinct and separate programs from a project’s procurement and materials management system, resulting in siloed sources of information. Leveraging a fully integrated PM module within the Jovix application, PM requirements and associated activities and records are unified under a single system.

This tight coupling of the two functions drives efficiency by enabling preservation activities to automatically update Material Readiness information. For example, if a material fails inspection, Jovix can automatically place that material into quarantine status. This status can then tie back to overall material availability, allowing the construction contractor to plan accordingly. This holistic approach yields the following benefits:


  • DE-SILOED INFORMATION – In Jovix, PM requirements can be defined at the material catalog level, and PM activities are automatically triggered based on those requirements. This function enables immediate and seamless inspection generation upon receipt of materials at the Fabricator, Port, Jobsite, or other location within the project supply chain.
  • INSPECTION RECURRENCE & MANAGEMENT – Subsequent inspections and associated due dates can automatically trigger after completion of prior inspections.
  • INSPECTION HISTORY & MATERIAL PEDIGREE – A complete inspection history of every material is automatically captured and made available within Jovix; no data transfer or other manually entry is required to compile inspection records.
Jovix Preservation & Maintenance

With the Jovix Inspection Functionality, you can:

  • Build inspection templates
  • Upload requirements from suppliers
  • Create recurring inspections
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Assign inspections to a user
  • Locate equipment requiring maintenance
  • Collect pictures and digital signatures
  • Pass/Fail Inspections based on the answers to the required question set

Typical Inspections conducted in Jovix include:

  • Engineering Receipt Inspections
  • Supplier Quality Inspections
  • Material Quality Inspections
  • Progressing Inspections
  • Turnover to Construction Inspections
  • (Pick Inspections)
  • Startup Inspections
  • Preservation and Maintenance
  • Activities/Routines
Jovix Preservation & Maintenance
Jovix Preservation & Maintenance

Jovix Mobile templates are configured to guide personnel through a digital inspection workflow that can require the inspector to take pictures, digitally record a signature, and automatically record the GPS location and date/timestamp when the inspection was completed.

How does auto-ID & field mobility technology enhance Preservation & Maintenance programs?

Integrating PM requirements and activities within a project’s materials management application reduces the data entry time demands of PM program setup and activities. Templatizing inspections and other requirements also serves to build a library of PM requirements across multiple projects, sites, and vendors that can be leveraged by our clients. Finally, real-time visibility into material condition and status greatly enhances construction’s ability to plan and adapt, improving productivity.


  • INSPECTION CONSISTENCY & INPUT VALIDATION – Project engineers and suppliers have broad flexibility in structuring the inspection templates and associated questions. Logic can be created to enforce completion of any number of critical inspection activities, such that the end user cannot move on to the next activity prior to completion of the required activity. Additional requirements, including photos and signatures, can also be enforced.
  • PM ACTIVITY COMPLETION TIME – Finding the asset requiring maintenance is an activity that can require significant amounts of time. By leveraging RFID and GPS technology, Jovix users can navigate directly to the asset to reduce the time to find and complete maintenance activities. Once the asset is located, users can verify that they are performing maintenance on the correct asset by scanning the RFID tag or barcode to positively identify the asset.
  • ACCURACY & ACCOUNTABILITY – Leveraging mobile tablets and inspection templates ensures data consistency and accuracy. The PM program owner can be confident that the necessary activities are completed by reviewing timestamps, photographs, and activity GPS locations captured during inspection activities. Finally, owners can be confident the assets in their plant have been properly maintained.
Jovix Preservation & Maintenance

What about reporting, compliance management, and turnover?

Jovix provides built-in inspection compliance reports and performance dashboards. All inspections reports can be viewed digitally or downloaded as PDF files. All inspection histories are linked to inventory records, so record turnover is streamlined.

  • REPORTING – Inspection reports are automatically generated based on the input of the end user performing the inspection. All photographs and digital signatures are automatically appended to each inspection report. When viewing the inventory record, all associated inspection reports are available as attachments.
  • COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT – Jovix provides built-in inspection compliance reports and dashboards. Metrics include user-definable, period-over-period performance measurement as well as inspection demand look-aheads. Inspection compliance can be tracked across contractors, jobs, or down to the individual material level.
  • DOCUMENTATION TURNOVER – Compiling PM records for owner turnover at the end of a project can be a daunting task. Because PM activities in Jovix are fully integrated with the rest of the application, documentation turnover is streamlined. All inspection records and associated attachments can easily be provided in a complete package to the owner.

Auto-generation of reports greatly reduces the reporting burden of the PM program. Inspection compliance visibility is improved by user-definable dashboards and reporting. Finally, project closeout relating to PM records turnover is streamlined by the integrated PM module within Jovix.

Project conducts 89,000 Inspections with 98% success

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