Preservation & Maintenance

An integrated PM process adds value to materials management programs.

Preservation & Maintenance software has been around for a while, but it typically exists separately from a project’s procurement and materials management system. And that leads to something we at Jovix hate…siloed information. Jovix features a fully-integrated PM module, allowing requirements, activities, and records to all live under the same roof. This cohesion drives efficiency by having specified activities trigger automatic updates to Material Readiness data. For example, if a material fails inspection, Jovix updates that material’s status to “quarantined”, thereby providing a more accurate picture of overall material availability. The construction contractor can now use this up-to-the-minute information to make decisions and alter the schedule accordingly.

Jovix Inspections Functionality:

  • Build inspection templates
  • Upload supplier requirements
  • Create recurring inspections
  • Set reminders & alerts
  • Assign inspections to users
  • Locate equipment requiring maintenance
  • Collect photos & digital signatures
  • Pass/fail inspections based on answers to a required questions set

Jovix Inspections Include:

  • Engineering receipt
  • Supplier quality
  • Material quality
  • Progressing
  • Turnover to construction
  • Pick
  • Startup
  • Preservation & maintenance
  • Activities/routines

Benefits of the Jovix PM Module:

  • De-siloed information – In Jovix, PM requirements are defined at the material catalog level and used as the threshold to automatically trigger PM activities.
  • Inspection recurrence & management – Subsequent inspections and due dates are systematically set in place after an inspection’s completion.
  • Inspection history & material pedigree – A material’s complete inspection history is captured within Jovix. No data transfer or manual entry is required to compile the records.

Auto-ID & Field Mobility Technology Enhances PM Programs

Moving PM requirements and activities into Jovix significantly reduces the time demands of data entry. Implementing templates for inspections and requirements produces a library of PM elements that can be used across multiple projects, sites, and vendors.

  • Inspection consistency & input validation – Project engineers and suppliers have broad flexibility in structuring inspection templates and associated questions. Completion of critical inspection activities is dictated by the logic you create within Jovix. For example, if a user must complete activity “A” before moving to “B”, then Jovix will enforce that specification.
  • Activity completion time – Finding the material that requires maintenance can be time-consuming, but Jovix leverages RFID and GPS to direct users to the specific asset. Scanning the RFID tag or barcode verifies that they’re about to perform maintenance on the correct material.
  • Accuracy & accountability – Mobile devices and inspection templates ensure data consistency and accuracy, and the PM owner can be easily assured that activities are complete and assets are maintained by reviewing the time stamps, photographs, and GPS locations captured.

Reporting, Compliance Management & Turnover

Jovix provides performance dashboards, as well as inspection compliance reports, which can be viewed digitally or downloaded. All inspection histories are linked to inventory records, ensuring that record turnover is streamlined.

  • Reporting – Reports are automatically generated as the user completes the inspection, including all photos and digital signatures. When viewing the inventory record, all associated inspection reports are available as attachments.
  • Compliance management – Inspection compliance can be tracked across contractors, jobs, or even down to the individual material level. Metrics include user-definable, period-over-period performance measurement, as well as inspection demand look-aheads.
  • Turnover – Compiling PM records for documentation turnover at a project’s end is daunting, but since PM activities are integrated into Jovix, that turnover is streamlined. All inspection records and attachments are provided to the owner in a complete package.