Field Mobility & Warehousing

Capture material transactions without the use of pen & paper

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Jovix supports standard field materials management transactions in a digital format, including:

  • Fabrication Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking & Expediting
  • Mobile Receiving (MRRs)
  • Mobile OS&D Creation
  • Withdrawal Requests (MWRs)
  • Mobile Material Issue
  • Location Changes
  • Warehousing Functionality
  • Data Updates/Pictures

Our Aim

The goal of Jovix field mobility and warehousing is to replace paper on construction jobsites by improving communication, reducing errors, increasing transaction completion times, and providing real-time updates. Digital transactions provide up-to-the-minute data and give decision makers the opportunity to identify trouble spots and actionable areas in real time.

No More Clipboards.

Jovix users complete their daily work in a mobile environment that replaces the antiquated clipboard. Our mobile functionality is designed with the user in mind and provides advantages like access to expanded data sets, the ability to manage a work queue, options to denote non-conformance within a process, and an environment connected by sensor technology. Once Jovix is deployed, users approach any asset, scan its RFID tag or barcode, and immediately access information that includes:

  • Purchase Order
  • Shipment & Receipt Details
  • Outstanding OS&D
  • Inspection and/or Preventative Maintenance Activities
  • Current Status & Availability

In addition to enhancing the speed and quality of data collection, mobile devices also enable richer data collection, such as GPS locations, digital signatures, and photos.

What Problems Does Jovix Field Mobility & Warehousing Solve?

Open material transactions? Delayed data entry? Incorrect data captured through manual processes? They’re all eliminated by Jovix field mobility and warehousing. By making data instantly available, Jovix users have visibility into the material lifecycle and can better manage their upstream supply chain, fabricators, off-site material locations, and jobsite inventory.

Jovix answers common industry questions:

  • Where is my material in the supply chain?
  • Will my material meet the RAS date?
  • How efficient is my field materials management staff?
  • How can the material requirement and fulfillment process be efficiently executed?
  • What materials require additional disposition to satisfy construction requirements?
  • How accurate is the project inventory?

Additional Benefits

  • Real-Time Data
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Efficiency Gains in Field Materials Management Processes
  • Inventory Control Improvement
  • Increased MWR Fulfillment
  • Digital Records of Material Interactions by User and with Timestamps
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Advanced Analytics based on Data Sets captured through Digital Transactions