Manage exceptions in real-time
on a single platform.
Manage exceptions in real-time on a single platform.

AWP Integrated Material Readiness

Jovix serves as a critical element to healthy AWP and Workface Planning programs.

The goal of planning ahead of time is to eliminate constraints – from incomplete design to improper vendor documentation and not enough man power. Now with Jovix, you do not have to worry about your materials.

How does Jovix do this?

At the core of the Jovix work package functionality is the ability to forecast future material readiness issues. This is done by comparing supply chain data from purchase orders, shipments, and field transactions with demand data from work packages and the project schedule.

By aligning installation work package information with material availability data, Jovix illuminates issues that may impact the construction plan. Jovix provides graphical progress trackers that automatically flag issues with construction work packages (CWPs) and installation work packages (FIWPs), facilitating management by exception.

Jovix AWP

Why is an Advanced Work Packaging Software Important?

The visibility provided by Jovix enables workface planners and construction managers to focus their efforts on managing these exceptions, and expeditors to turn their attention to those specific pieces that are forecasted to cause disruptions.

Automated material allocation combined with forecasting and predictive analytics provides material management with the ability to quickly identify and resolve future Material Readiness issues before they impact the plan.

The goal of Jovix and AWP is to instill confidence that construction materials will be available when and where they are needed. The returns of this software are significant. Craft productivity can be improved by up to 25% through improved workface planning and integrated Material Readiness (CII Study IR252-2A, 2010).

Working as One

A single source of truth is created when Jovix is used as a median tool for parties with siloed information. This ability to speak a common language from start to finish allows inter-project collaboration and unified success metrics.

Jovix AWP

AWP and workface planning programs focus on keeping front-line supervision supervising the workfront and craft labor to the full potential. These methodologies are proven to result in fewer safety incidents, increased productivity, and an installed product of higher quality. One of the most common constraints for craft labor is material availability.

Material Availability is Crucial

According to CII, COAA, and Fiatech studies, direct labor work typically amounts to no more than 35-45% of a craftsman’s time on the job. COAA & CII have done extensive research to improve craft productivity – with a goal to achieve a 50% improvement over a 6-year period. A large percentage of the non-productive direct labor time can be attributed to waiting on materials.

A major contributing factor to this constraint is a lack of clarity around how suppliers are actually packaging and shipping materials to the jobsite. Jovix allows for Digital Packing List creation on the mobile app at the source of the information – the supplier’s shop.

A Digital Packing List contains the following:

  • Sub-Item (Ship Loose) Identification
  • Crate/Container-Level Information
  • Auto-ID (RFID/Barcode) of all Assets

This digitally links all components back to the work plan and ensures all components related to the package are issued when requested by the materials team, thereby reducing critical material constraints and any impact to craft labor.

Want More Detail?

Jovix Insights provides a more granular view of your AWP activity, including drill-down reporting on shortages, forecasting, and soft allocation.

Material visibility across multiple Contractors

Look at how a Canadian Oil Sands Refinery Project did it.

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