Shutdown and Turnaround: A Project in the Spotlight

This project needed to centralize information for 15 users while providing visibility into 252 shutdown/turnaround (SD/TA)-specific materials, located both on and off-site.


  • Project needed the ability to tie multiple plant operating disciplines together within a short timeframe and accomplish overall goals as a single unit
  • Needed to improve critical shutdown material visibility by status and location
  • Mismanaged critical shutdown materials could potentially cost owner $100,000.00 per hour
  • In need of a streamlined shipping and receiving process
  • Project would need a user training program for simple implementation across all locations

Project Specifics

  • Execution timeframe of May-July, 2018
  • 252 SD/TA materials  to be tracked on and off-site:
    • 144 valves
    • 87 pieces of equipment
    • 21 spools
  • 15 users

The Goal?
Efficiency & Visibility


The Jovix Material Readiness solution was a monumental cost savings considering that temporarily lost materials or startup delays could have led to potential costs of $100,000.00 per hour. The hardware included 300 passive RFID tags and 2 TSL barcode scanners. The owner supplied 2 mobile tablets and 4 Android™ mobile phones.

Jovix Hardware

The project leveraged digital and real-time analytics to allow for precision workface planning and a live, centralized database for material and asset status and location. This kept project scheduling from chasing down materials during critical moments. This proved to be crucial, considering that the materials were transitioning through 15 different geographic locations.

We were able to help the client improve their shipping and receiving process with advance notice of materials arriving on-site (What? How many? Priority?) and automated confirmation of shipped materials with the use of a gate reader at the facility entrance.

The Jovix Train Station granted users on-demand access to simplified training materials, which provided a seamless implementation across all locations.

With efficiencies created by Jovix tracking the SD/TA materials, project-wide collaboration and communication became a reality. The value of Jovix lies in the true visibility from Planning to Logistics to Off-Site Calibration to Material Handling and Staging to Installation. We were able to help the client connect priorities with actionable decisions while executing the work.

Future SD-TA Utilization

The project enjoyed great success! Additionally, they were able to visualize additional opportunities to drive value to Maintenance and Operations by using Jovix.

Flange Management: 

This could provide actionable data for wrench time analysis, schedule updates, line and equipment updates, etc.

Pre-Work Scaffold Data:

  • Erection/release dates
  • Regular inspection requirements
  • Modification dates T&M
Permit Tracking: 

A permit barcoding system helps to determine who pulled the permit, when and where it was pulled, and how long it was out.

On-Site Fuel Management: 

This will help determine which units were filled, where they were filled, how often they were filled, and how much fuel was used.

Integration with Oracle’s Primavera P6: 

The integration will automatically feed prioritized information to the centralized system of truth.

Attach Equipment Reports & Data to Specific Materials for Easy Turnover:

  • Vendor documentation
  • Shipping bills
  • Mud books
  • MTRs
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