Status Quo vs Digital Supply Chain: Part 2 of 5

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Status Quo

Think back to the Excel spreadsheet we saw in our last blog post. Now, imagine a company building on this same master sheet to include all purchasing data. That spreadsheet would be riddled with cross references connecting drawing (DWG), purchase order (PO), engineered and installation work package (EWP / IWP) demands with related Library IDs, causing the need to enter and re-enter information into multiple sheets to maintain semi-accurate alignment. This is a cumbersome, time-consuming effort that leads to information being lost in translation as cross-departmental planning commences.

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Purchasing in Excel
Purchasing in Excel

Digital Supply Chain

In a digital supply chain, POs supplied by owners or contractors are broken out by supplier and PO number in our catalogue system. This provides detailed transparency at purchasing and receiving levels, across all locations. The ability to digitally connect supply and demand allows project teams to prioritize and expedite scopes of work. Equally valuable, a digital supply chain provides the ability to re-plan, based on accurate, real-time material availability and storage locations.

Purchasing in Jovix
Purchasing in Jovix

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