One of the newer and less explored capabilities of Jovix® is the preservation and maintenance entity. Though sometimes in the background, or not important to all individuals on a project, compliance of preservation and maintenance is critical to construct, turnover, commission and start up any mega project. Lack of preservation and maintenance can lead to deficient material, voidance of warranty, additional re-procurement costs, and in worst case scenarios, lawsuits.

Preservation and Maintenance SuccessFor the past two years, Jovix has been successfully tracking preservation and maintenance activities for all major mechanical materials on the Fort Hills Oil Sands project. In working jointly with the client, we were able to put together an in-depth RASCI chart to clearly define roles and responsibilities, create training programs to specifically support each role, and develop detailed inspection templates that were further enhanced by our mobile technologies. With the easy to use server and tablet interfaces, we were able to quickly train users, and in less than 4 hours per person, they were able to operate self-sufficiently.

The Jovix mobile technology allowed for individuals to quickly locate material, update its new location if required, take photos, answer the specific inspection template questions, note any deficiencies, and even change the status of material in a very short amount of time. This efficient process has resulted in more than 79,000 Inspections.

This easy-to-use and highly trackable program has allowed the project to build and monitor a very precise KPI report. With the mobile technology aiding in finding materials faster, eliminating the paper based processes, a conservative estimate is that Jovix saves between 5 – 15 minutes per inspection. With those estimates, Jovix has had a direct impact on man-hour savings of 6,500 – 19,000 hours!