Oil Refinery Tracks 2,000,000 Materials with Jovix

Fluor and Jovix have entered a five-year contract on deployment at a large grassroots refinery in Kazakhstan. The Future Growth and Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP) will increase crude oil production at the Tengiz Oil Field in Kazakhstan by about 260,000 barrels per day. FGP-WPMP is currently estimated to cost $36.8 billion, which includes $27.1 billion for facilities, $3.5 billion for wells, and $6.2 billion for contingency and escalation. The project will raise TCO’s total production to approximately one million barrels of oil equivalent per day. WPMP maximizes the value of existing TCO facilities by extending the production plateau and keeping existing plants producing at full capacity. FGP will use state-of-the-art sour gas injection technology, successfully developed and proven during TCO’s previous expansion in 2008, to enhance oil recovery.

Jovix Scope

Jovix, combined with Fluor’s material management system, MatMan, will enhance the site’s material management process by increasing visibility into the supply chain by leveraging RFID, barcoding, and mobile tablets. The Jovix deployment began in May 2017 with 500,000 RFID tags.

Over the course of the five-year deployment, Jovix , partnered with Fluor’s MatMan, will be utilized to track an estimated two million materials. RFID tags and barcodes will also be deployed at the DSME Shipyard in South Korea, the project’s fabrication and modularization site.

Project Future

TCO, which is jointly owned by Chevron (50%), ExxonMobil (25%), KazMunay Gas (20%), and LukAgro (5%), is the operator of the Tengiz oil field. The project will increase the well pressures and the production capacity of the existing Tengiz site. This will raise TCO’s total production to approximately one million barrels of oil equivalent per day. First oil for the Tengiz Expansion Project is planned for 2022.

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