Oil Refinery Tracks 14,000 Materials with Jovix

After the project was put on hold for approximately 6 years due to environmental concerns, Chevron contracted WorleyParsons to complete the modernizations to the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, CA. The upgrades made in the refinery to this project significantly increased the safety of the facility and replaced some of the refinery’s oldest processing equipment with today’s modern technology. Chevron states, “Modernization will enable the refinery to continue to competitively produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, and lubricating base oils that meet California’s strict environmental regulations. The upgrades will improve the reliability of the refinery and allow us to operate successfully well into the future.”

Jovix Scope

Atlas RFID Solutions was contracted through the WorleyParsons technology office to deploy Jovix to help overcome two main hurdles that the project’s materials team faced when jumping on a partially complete project that had been dormant for 6 years. Firstly, the material inventory for the project had been abandoned by the previous contractor who started the project, and no records were transferred to WorleyParsons. This resulted in a laydown yard of approximately 5,000 engineered pipe spools, valves, and steel that were unidentified and largely unaccounted for. Secondly, these materials were in varying conditions of neglect due to the long duration that had passed and the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. These materials needed to be identified and matched with their respective drawings while also undergoing inspections to determine if the material needed refurbishment prior to installation. Jovix provided WorleyParsons an efficient and organized method for locating the materials, barcoding, and RFID-tagging them for identification while tracking their release to various refurbishment contractors through auto-id and automated status changes triggered by RFID chokepoint readers.

Using the Jovix software with active RFID tags and barcodes, WorleyParsons identified approximately 5,000 materials that were left in Chevron’s outdoor storage for six years. With the help of a single gate reader, they’ve successfully tracked 14,000 materials to date.

Site Setup

During deployment, the Jovix System Coordinator (JSC) uploaded high-resolution imagery, then mapped and zoned laydown areas for two yards. The addition of these zones was key to organizing the laydown yard and easily inventorying the materials while also being able to pass location information to WorleyParson’s procurement system, SAP.

Leveraging the one entrance/exit gate for the laydown yards, WorleyParsons set up rules within Jovix to automatically update a material’s status as it passed the gate and had its associated RFID tag read by the mounted RFID reader. This allowed WorleyParsons to identify the location of a material, inspect the material and status it accordingly, then automatically track the outbound shipment of the material to the refurbishment or repair sub-contractors.

The use of Jovix drove down the number of unidentified materials from

5,000 to ZERO.

Success Example

After complete implementation of Jovix on the Richmond Refinery Modernization project, WorleyParsons had a full inventory of inherited materials and could easily maintain an accurate inventory as new materials were brought into the laydown area to replace missing or damaged material. The GPS locations on all yard materials allowed the WorleyParsons material management crew to operate with a reduced overhead due to the increased organization and ability to quickly find needed materials to send to refurbishment contractors or construction.

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