Oil Refinery Deploys 1,000,000 Passive RFID Tags with Jovix

Jovix Scope

Atlas RFID Solutions’ largest passive RFID implementation will be conducted on The Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) Al Zour Refinery. Working with Atlas RFID’s Material Readiness application, Jovix, the combined solution will transform material tracking throughout a complex supply chain. This project will be one of the most significant uses of passive RFID technology in the history of construction.

Throughout the two-year project, Atlas RFID will be deploying 1,000,000 passive RFID tags. During this time, Atlas RFID will have a total of nine employees aiding in a successful implementation, including two employees on-site. The passive RFID solution will include track and trace, receiving, picking, issuing, and inventory management. Passive RFID tags will also be deployed to 175 global suppliers to increase supply chain visibility.

Project Future

When the project is complete, the new complex is expected to be one of the largest refineries in the world, producing 615,000 barrels per day of light Kuwait crude oil. This refinery will produce low-sulfur fuel oil to replace high-sulfur fuel oil used in local power plants.

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