More Than Just Another Drone

Construction is slow to digitize.

Construction has been among the least digitized industries in the world, but there’s building evidence of a technological revolution just around the corner. Oracle Construction and Engineering’s Innovation Lab is proof. This unique facility accelerates efforts to help project- and asset-intensive organizations explore the latest technologies and drive digital transformation.

Atlas RFID Solutions is doing its part by deploying the Jovix Drone-Mounted Reader (DMR) to jobsites around the world. But for technology to have true staying power, it needs to be more than showy – it needs to be innovative. That’s where the Jovix DMR flies in. It brings the following game-changing benefits to construction:

1. Usability

Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID ReaderJovix was created to provide visibility into the construction supply chain. From fabrication to installation, the software provides real-time material tracking using RFID tags and barcode labels. Historically, Jovix has tracked materials with the help of vehicle-mounted readers and stationary chokepoint readers. Drivers use vehicle-mounted readers to conduct routine sweeps of laydown yards, while chokepoint readers are in a fixed location and see materials as they enter or exit the yard. The Jovix DMR takes this a step further as it can quickly fly over a large laydown area or workface (or even raised surfaces, like scaffolding) and provide accurate material locations.

2. Cost Savings

Tracking has already shown big cost savings both in the fast retrieval of materials as well as increases in cost avoidances such as re-procurement. Using the Jovix Drone-Mounted Reader frees up workers for more “time on tools” – a core focus of the Atlas RFID team. Additionally, our payload won’t interrupt any existing drone capabilities. You can continue to take advantage of functionality like 3D mapping or visual progress updates.

3. Safety

The Jovix DMR reduces unnecessary safety risks. Fewer workers driving around the yard lowers the likelihood of incidents, and locating elevated materials means fewer employees climbing ladders.

Kudos to Oracle Construction and Engineering for presenting a simulated connected worksite and showing us how technology can deliver powerful performance improvements. With unprecedented access to innovative technologies like connected devices, artificial intelligence tools, and the Jovix Drone-Mounted Reader, the construction industry is on the cusp of digital transformation. It’s up to all of us to make it happen.


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