Linear Alpha Olefin Unit Tracks Thousands of Materials with Jovix


A leading chemical company contracted an engineering group to construct a new linear alpha olefin unit, and this expansion of capabilities is expected to grow the production of the existing plant by 20%. It will contribute to the company’s larger goal of reaching one million metric tons per annum.

Jovix Scope

Atlas RFID Solutions has been contracted to deploy Jovix to the project and to implement the full track and trace Material Readiness® solution for the project’s estimated 10,300 pipe spools as well as a single work package of structural steel made up of 626 items. This Jovix deployment consisted of four RFID-capable tablets, one active RFID gate reader assembly, one vehicle-mounted RFID reader, and the professional time to train the engineering group’s staff on how to use the system. A Jovix System Coordinator (JSC) was deployed to complete the requested 200-hour extension with a focus on training.



Spools in Inventory: 4,785

Spools Issued: 174

Shipments Received: 139

Users Trained on a Jovix Function: 15

Site Setup

During deployment, the JSC uploaded high-resolution imagery, then mapped and zoned laydown areas 1B, 1D, 4, 7, 5, and the new offsite area “Blimpyard”. The addition of these zones was key to expediting picking by the field crews.

Many of the field crew’s concerns about using Jovix were centered around the idea that Jovix did not provide anything other than a tag number. This was remedied by importing data from their existing system and concatenating size, length, and weight into a description. This, coupled with the addition of the newly mapped zones, was reported by the field crew as being “five times faster”.

The JSC was able to leverage the Material Manager’s experience within their existing system to analyze and search for materials whose status did not correlate with other information. For example, the engineering group was able to use Jovix to identify spools that hadn’t yet been received in the system but were showing a location of “on site”. Identifying these spools helped to locate over $20,000 of materials that hadn’t yet been issued a receipt.



Built to withstand harsh environments, rugged tablets extend track and trace functionality into the field.


Active RFID tags automate material identification and tracking throughout the material’s lifecycle.


Gate readers automate data collection through shipping, receiving, and intra-site transfers.


Vehicle-mounted readers provide automatic material location updates as they sweep the laydown yard.


Jovix System Coordinators offer “boots on the ground” support to help you realize the highest ROI from Jovix.

Success Example

After comparing existing shipment and receipt data, it was found that a large number of spools were listed as “shipped” in the internal system but had not yet been received on site. This discrepancy led them to send someone to site to locate the spools. Their employee arrived with the intention to reference drawings and attempt to locate the spools visually among all five laydown spaces, but the JSC was able to quickly reference the spools within the system and find 31 of the 47 spools (more than $25,000 of material). The quick location served as a fantastic Jovix demonstration to both the engineering group and the fabricator. The fabricator saw the direct benefit of their clients using RFID, and it will likely aid in achieving the current Atlas RFID goal of expansion to large fabricators within the industry.

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