Jovix & Data Gumbo: Can You Build a Nuclear Plant with No Logistics Loss?

Jovix Data Gumbo Nuclear Project

What’s the combination to eliminate logistics loss, improve cash flow, and build your own success story?

In this video interview from Oil & Gas 360 by Enercom, Data Gumbo’s SVP Michael Matthews and Jovix’s Chief Revenue Officer Jon Chesser stopped by to talk about how technology is changing logistics in the energy space.

Jon speaks about RFID and its ability to be a “single source of truth” and how that’s critical for Projects attempting to stay on schedule and under budget. Michael talks about the Gumbo Net Blockchain and how, in partnership with Jovix, it becomes a “real-time, single source of truth”. Take a look at the interview from Oil & Gas 360 here, and you can read more about the partnership between Data Gumbo and Jovix here.

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