Jovix Awards Teck and Bechtel “2020 Project of the Year” at Annual Executive Forum

2020 Jovix Project of the Year

The 8th Annual Jovix Executive Forum was held virtually, October 19-21, with over 260 attendees. The focus of the content this year was “A New Era of Supply Chain Visibility”, and the annual Jovix Awards were presented to our Clients in the Industrial Construction industry.


This is the 4th year for the Jovix User Adoption Award, which is recognition of an entity that has exhibited a strong commitment to capitalizing all of the value offered through Jovix by engaging as many Users as possible. The 2020 award recipient is KIEWIT CALCASIEU PASS LNG. This single Project has the largest number of Jovix Users and has seen a 372% growth rate since the beginning of the year. Over 100 Users have learned in the Jovix Train Station learning management platform, and they’ve completed over 450 online courses. Kiewit is also recognized for their innovative use of Jovix Insights for Work Package constructability and Allocation Planning for forecasting.


This is a new award for 2020 that recognizes Customers who invest in helping Jovix to improve the overall quality of our solution on behalf of the entire industry. The inaugural winner of this award is FLUOR. Acting as a true Partner in the journey to launch the Jovix 3.0 platform, Fluor has provided real-time feedback, allocated dedicated internal resources, and assisted in additional development resources to improve the speed of development. Fluor has a shared interest in a world-class product and believes in the power of configurability available in the Jovix 3.0 platform.


The Jovix Partner of the Year is INEIGHT. The InEight/Jovix Partnership launched in late 2019, and with great support from the InEight Technical, Sales, and Marketing teams, it has grown tremendously. The Integration between the solutions has been established, and there are plans to expand into multiple InEight modules. The two teams have jointly participated in promotions and webinars across their markets, culminating in a presentation at the 2020 Jovix Executive Forum. Sales training for InEight’s Global Sales Force was also facilitated, leading to numerous combined Customer engagements.

Jovix Executive Forum 2020 Speakers

SPEAKERS INCLUDED (clockwise, from top left): Brady Richardson of Kiewit, Catie Williams of InEight, and Thomas Hatley of Fluor


The largest honor is the 2020 Jovix Project of the Year, awarded to TECK’S QUEBRADA BLANCA 2 PROJECT, which is performed by BECHTEL. The Project expanded from a simple Track & Trace program to a complete digitalization of Warehousing functionality for Receiving, Picking, and Issuing. With the guidance of Karl Hroza and Fernando Manresa from Teck and David Mayson and Bill Pyle from Bechtel, the Project extended material visibility from upstream Suppliers to 39 Laydown Yards and 19 Warehouses with over 100,000 RFID tags and 600,000 Barcodes. All of this was executed in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions and remote working limitations by onboarding more than 75 new Users in the past 3 months.

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