Innovation is Only Half the Battle

Collaboration Drives Innovation.

At the preview of the Oracle Innovation Lab in August, the sentiment was clear – This is what the construction industry could and should look like. Innovative technologies to improve visibility, reduce risk, and increase output should be commonplace on the jobsite and consistently evolving. One thing the industry would be remiss to take note of is the power of collaboration when it comes to these innovations.

Each company has their own list of lessons learned, tricks for adoption, and keys to successful innovation. What we lack is the communication willpower to educate those around us. Has your company learned lessons that would be helpful for the industry as a whole? What functionality would you suggest to technology partners like us that would revolutionize your job?

Bechtel and the Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID Reader The path forward for the industry is not a single lane. There is enough room for all of us to move forward, and quickly, if we are open to collaboration outside our own four walls.

Look! Up in the Sky!

Collaboration was actually the key to bringing the Jovix Drone-Mounted RFID Reader (Jovix DMR) into production. We had a dream for the technology, and Bechtel had the passion for innovation that afforded us a collaborative pilot. We were both open to conversations and testing all while striving for the same thing – forward progression.

Mutual Success Requires Collaboration.

In an industry that could easily stick to our silos, it is crucial for us to look at the advances of the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab and provide helpful feedback, pilot technologies on-site, share adoption best practices, and strive for the same thing – keep moving this industry forward!

Read more about the Bechtel/Jovix DMR pilot project here.

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