Honors Awarded at Jovix Executive Forum

Atlas RFID Solutions and The Jovix Executive Forum honors those within the industry that are using technology to make a difference for their companies. Let’s take a look at the award-winning projects.

User Adoption:


Bechtel Jovix Executive Forum

Bechtel CCLNG has earned the JEF 2018 User Adoption Award for embracing the first-to-market Jovix Mobile functionality as well as their extensive utilization of the Jovix Train Station to onboard new and existing system users. In 2018 alone, CCLNG, as a team, has completed over 1,100 Jovix Train Station courses and continually kept themselves at the forefront of supplier-initiated digitization and field mobility. The CCLNG management team has been eager to progress their project when it comes to what modernized tools they can use to increase value, but what is most impressive is the collective desire of the field and site personnel to innovate their daily processes.


Enterprise Innovation:


Kiewit Jovix Executive Forum

With a recently signed agreement to work on our 16th project together, Kiewit has been an Atlas partner since 2011. Kiewit has adopted Jovix for small, medium, and large projects in Canada and the U.S. across various districts and disciplines within their enterprise. Through the cooperation and willingness of project teams and the Kiewit Supply Network, we have found applicability in projects of varying size and duration.

In terms of functionality, users across the Kiewit enterprise perform almost every transaction type at their fixed facility in Ingleside, TX. Kiewit utilizes upstream supplier/fabricator tagging, receiving, picking, issuing, inventory, material locating, and preservation and maintenance functionality. Kiewit welcomes other companies considering Jovix on-site regularly to share their own experiences and perform live testing at the KOS yard. They have been active and vocal members of our Jovix Advisory Board, providing unvarnished evaluations which have significantly helped develop the Jovix solution. We are proud to call Kiewit our partner and even prouder to present them with the JEF 2018 Enterprise Innovation Award.


Project of the Year:

Fluor KIPIC Jovix Executive Forum

The honor of JEF 2018 Project of the Year Award goes to Fluor for the KIPIC Al-Zour Refinery Project. The project has proven integration with MatMan on a global scale and features 170+ suppliers engaged in supplier-initiated digitization. The project has been open to innovations both with the adoption of Jovix and the continued acceptance of “a better way”.

The KIPIC team has been eager to learn administrative functions in Jovix in order to own the process of on-site training. With the recent release of receiving on the HTML5 mobile app, the project is looking forward to using the functionality to expand the utilization of Jovix on-site.


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