We are excited to see how our
Material Readiness solution can improve
your project from day one!
We are excited to see how our Material Readiness solution can improve your project from day one!

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Do you know how much money you’re losing on materials?

There are two primary issues (and lots of smaller ones) when it comes to material availability:

  • Knowing where materials are in the supply chain, and when they’ll arrive either on site or to the laydown yard/warehouse
  • Received materials are often stored off-site for months (or even years), and the inability to find them quickly when they are needed at the site can drive major delays and even expedited re-procurement.

While these two driving factors can be difficult to measure on a project-by-project basis, according to CII, COAA, and Fiatech studies, direct labor work typically amounts to no more than 35-45% of a craftsman’s time on the job. A large percentage of the non-productive direct labor time can be attributed to waiting on materials.

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Do you know how much time and schedule you can save?

Every project is different, and has different choke points, material needs, environmental factors, logistic/supply chain challenges, etc. That’s why we offer a Material Readiness Assessment as a way to get eyes and ears on your project so that we can see, first-hand, the potential impact Jovix can bring to your project as part of your Material Readiness solution.

  • Decreasing wait time to 10-12% on a $1B construction project can result in $12M to $20M in cost reduction.*
  • Providing construction with real-time visibility into the availability of materials can lead to better decision making, reduced direct labor wait time and improve direct labor productivity.
  • This real-time visibility is made possible with digitization of construction field materials management and is what Atlas calls Material Readiness.
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The next step is a Material Readiness Assessment.

What does that mean? A Material Readinesss Assessment consists of an in-person workshop with your team and our industry subject matter experts, followed by the finalization of the MRA Report immediately after the engagement. We come to you, we invest in understanding your project, and we deliver a comprehensive plan for maximizing the return on investment for implementing Material Readiness on your project. 

What does the assessment entail?

  • Multi-hour meeting with pinpointed time slots for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from your project management team from procurement to construction to define a Material Readiness program. We keep your time commitment as low as possible.
  • Review of your current processes and workflow
  • Industry SME Consulting – We’ve worked with the industry’s largest players. Chat with someone who has led the industry in the digital transformation.
  • Receive a project-specific Material Readiness program as an output as well as a quote to use Jovix on your project.

Why is it valuable?

A Material Readiness Assessment (MRA) is the most efficient way to determine the project-specific scope, schedule, and business case for deploying Material Readiness. As a team, we document the current process and bottlenecks of the project’s entire material supply chain. This includes areas where your processes equate to an unnecessary amount of risk, due to lack of Material Readiness transparency. Then, based on the goals and objectives of your project, we identify opportunities to increase construction productivity by introducing Material Readiness to the project workflow.

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*A project with $1 billion TIV devotes 40% of its costs to labor - $400 million. With 15% of an average workday lost to wait times, the project will lose $60 million. If wait times could be reduced to 10-12%, this could lead to savings of $12-$20 million, or a 3-5% overall cost reduction.

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