We’re excited to see how our Material Readiness solution
improves your project from day one!

We are excited to see how our Material Readiness solution improves your Project from day one!

How much money could you be saving on construction materials? Time and money are essential components of construction projects, and if you’ve spent time on a jobsite, you know how material availability impacts both. There are two primary issues:

  • Knowing where materials are in the supply chain and when they’ll arrive either on the jobsite or in storage (laydown yard, warehouse)
  • Finding materials without delay and avoiding expedited re-procurement – Some materials may be stored off-site for months or years

Studies show that direct labor work typically amounts to no more than 35-45% of a craftsman’s day, while 15% of that day is lost to material wait times.

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Digitalizing & automating your supply chain with Jovix saves money for your project.

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15% of the average craftsman’s day is lost to material wait times.

Calculating the Savings for your Specific Project

Every construction project is different. And that’s why you won’t find a “BUY NOW” button on our website. Projects have different choke points, material needs, environmental factors, and logistics challenges. Those differences don’t allow for a “one size fits all” price point. Instead, we offer a Material Readiness Assessment (MRA) to show first-hand the impact Jovix will bring to your project:

  • Reduced cost & wait times: Dropping wait times from 15% to 10-12% on a $1B project can reduce costs by $12-$20M.
  • Real-time material visibility: Visibility leads to better decision making, as well as reduced wait times and greater productivity for direct labor.
  • Digitalization & Automation: A supply chain once monopolized by manual, error-prone processes now functions with digital accuracy and is visible to all stakeholders.

The Jovix Material Readiness Assessment

A Jovix MRA is an in-person workshop with your team and our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). You teach us about your project, and we create a plan that maximizes your return on investment.

What Does an MRA Entail?

  • Learning from SMEs on your project management team, specifically procurement and construction, and reviewing your current processes and workflow
  • Setting appointments for your team to speak with major industry players that have already had success with a Jovix digital transformation
  • Once we’ve gathered information, you’ll receive a documented, project-specific Material Readiness plan and a full quote to deploy Jovix, the industry’s leading digital supply chain management software, on your project.

Introducing the
FastTrack MRA Agenda

We understand your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re now offering a condensed version of our MRA. This 1-day FastTrack session still allows for the dialogue essential to build a comprehensive ROI plan for your project but does so at an accelerated pace.

How is the Material Readiness Assessment Valuable to the Supply Chain Process?

The MRA is the most efficient way to determine the project-specific scope, schedule, and business case for deploying construction materials. By documenting your current workflow and bottlenecks, we identify any processes that have an unnecessary amount of risk due to lack of material visibility. Based on your project’s goals and objectives, we then identify opportunities to introduce Material Readiness into the workflow, which will result in increased project productivity.

*A project with $1 billion TIV devotes 40% of its costs to labor – $400 million. With 15% of an average workday lost to wait times, the project will lose $60 million. If wait times could be reduced to 10-12%, this could lead to savings of $12-$20 million, or a 3-5% overall cost reduction.

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