Cynthia: Another Jovix Success Story

Cynthia and her Jovix Success StoryCynthia, what was the problem you were trying to solve?

Lack of speed and accuracy throughout receiving and issuing material through procurement – specifically, in the steel yards.

How did Jovix ease or resolve this problem?

We used Jovix Mobile on a smartphone to scan material, receive it, transfer from shipment to named location, and integrate it into our company’s database.

How did Jovix ease or resolve this problem?

As soon as the material hit the ground, the scanning began. By the time our ground crew had filled out ship tickets, the material had been transferred into a named location and pushed over to our database. The ease of receiving material is remarkable, and I can see that it will greatly reduce errors previously caused by lost or mis-marked paperwork. I was also impressed with the immediate access to the receiving report, and I look forward to tagging people for alerts instead of sending out emails each time a shipment arrives.


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