Making transformational change
a reality on every project
Making transformational change a reality on every project

Virtual Training PROGRAM

Customizable learning plans, training & online courses on demand

In a world where paper and clipboards have been the norm for so long, even new solutions that are faster and more accurate can be hard to adopt. The status quo means staying in the comfort zone, even if there’s a better way. We’ve built an online learning platform to help bring your team quickly up to speed on the power and benefits of technology.

Helping users understand the ‘why’, followed by step-by-step modules on the ‘how’, has proven very effective in maximizing the impact of Jovix. To move the needle on schedules and the bottom line, we know that getting everyone aligned and moving in the same direction is paramount. To that end, we’ve built the Jovix Train Station – and continue to update and add new content weekly. It’s our way to make transformational change a reality on every project.

Jovix Virtual Training
Jovix Virtual Training
What is the Jovix Train Station?
What is the
Jovix Train Station?

Custom Learning Plans With Jovix Train Station

The Jovix Train Station is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that provides a full suite of online training for all Jovix modules and all user levels. E-Learning is assigned by role, and consists of a video tutorial, guided exercise, and skill assessment for each piece of assigned Jovix functionality. Online learning courses can be customized, and training can take place anytime, anywhere. The Jovix Train Station also includes training tutorials for all newly released functionality as the customer takes upgrades.

Video Tutorial

Witness a material transaction, report, or other functionality being performed by a Jovix Certified User.

Guided Exercise

Perform a material transaction, set up a report, and perform other vital Jovix functions with step-by-step instructions and prompts.


Each tutorial ends with an assessment that requires the user demonstrate competency.

To date, we offer:

  • Over 300 courses covering all Jovix software versions and hardware
  • Over 500 individual learning objects – video tutorials, software simulations, infographics, and manuals

How long do Trainings take?

Modules are broken into “Watch”, “Do”, and “Test” cycles and average 10 – 20 minutes.

Jovix Certification

Jovix Certification is an online lms software certification achieved by taking and passing all the training material within the Jovix Certification learning plan on the Jovix Train Station. This learning plan includes 128 courses relating to the Jovix software and is fully comprehensive. The learning plan takes approximately 40 hours to complete. Once a user has successfully completed training, he or she is considered Jovix Certified.

Plus, you get rewards!

To encourage learning and engagement, Jovix Train Station has a gamification feature that awards points for courses completed and activities in Jovix. Points accumulate as coins, which can be redeemed for a variety of Train Station Rewards.

What is the Cost?

The Jovix Train Station is included with each purchase of Jovix because we know the importance of empowering your people to get the most out of technology. There are even public courses to access before you join the Jovix family.

Join the Jovix Train Station!

Let the learning begin.

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