Delivering customized solutions, data integrity, and insights for your project
Delivering customized solutions, data integrity, and insights for your project

Technical Services

Data is paramount to our system and why we have a dedicated team, including a Jovix Data Manager & Atlas Technical Services.

The Jovix Data Manager oversees creation and maintenance of all required data interface points defined in the project scope and will conduct periodic audits to ensure the referential integrity between material procurement systems and Jovix. The Jovix Data Manager will also be responsible for the design, development, and distribution of all Jovix system management and operational reports, and for the importing, exporting, and management of data in the system.  

Jovix Technical Services

What does the Technical Services Team do?

Jovix Integrations

  • The team implements and supports third-party integrations with Jovix, including stanadard and custom interfaces.
  • The team directly engages customers along with Jovix Support to build effective solutions and solve issues quickly.
  • The team is accessible and responsive.

Jovix Insights®

  • The team designs and implements actionable project performance reporting.
  • This new reporting solutions provides immediate insight with clear dashboards and the power to slice, dice, and drill into Jovix project data.

Custom Reporting
The team provides custom reporting as needed and delivers the information conveniently via Jovix Insights or scheduled extracts.

Project Data Management & Analysis

  • The team provides valuable support to active projects with expert analysis and timely data management services.
  • The team complements the work of the project staff to ensure data is accurate and well understood.
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