Project Support & Training

6 continents. Multiple industries. Global success.

Our customer success team has deployed Jovix successfully on 6 continents across a variety of industries, including power, nuclear, mining, chemical, oil & gas, and industrial infrastructure. Let’s take a look at team roles and how they intersect with your project.

Project Manager

The project manager works closely with your team and is responsible for the overall governance and control of the Jovix implementation, from purchase order to go-live. The PM verifies that the Jovix solution is delivered on time, on budget, and to scope.

Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager ensures objectives and KPIs are met and works to identify additional value drivers for your project. The CSM verifies that Jovix users are trained and adhering to best practices, conducts ongoing budget reviews, and also serves as a single point of contact for any escalated need.

Data Management Team

This team monitors data quality and addresses any data integrity issues that might appear in legacy data, file imports, or integrations. The DM team creates the Data Management Plan (DMP) and updates it throughout the life of the project. This plan includes:

  • Detailed mappings of data flows & transmittals
  • Data audit details & communication plan
  • Updated reporting requirements
  • Stakeholder communication plan
  • Project data closeout plan

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Digital Supply Chain Coordinators

Digital supply chain coordinators monitor data-centric workflows, enhance communication and collaboration, and improve material flow visibility to construction at each point in the digital supply chain. DSCs focus on customer service, technical support, training, and reporting.

Customer Support Team

The customer support team is responsible for 99.9% up-time on all production websites.

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Virtual Training

Custom learning plans & training on demand

The Jovix Train Station is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a full suite of online training for all Jovix modules and user levels. E-Learning is assigned by role and consists of a video tutorial, guided exercise, and skill assessment for each piece of assigned Jovix functionality. Learning plans can be customized, and training can take place anytime, anywhere. The Jovix Train Station also includes training tutorials for all newly released functionality, as the customer upgrades. The Jovix Train Station is included with each purchase of Jovix, because we know the importance of empowering your team to get the most out of the technology.

Jovix Certification can be achieved by taking and passing all training material within the Jovix Certification Learning Plan on The Jovix Train Station. This learning plan includes 128 courses relating to the Jovix software, is fully comprehensive, and takes approximately 40 hours to complete. Once a user has successfully completed training, he or she is deemed Jovix Certified.