Here to make sure you get the most
out of your solution
Here to make sure you get the most out of your solution

Customer Success

Understand customer needs. Deliver success.
Jovix Customer Success

Our partnership in delivering a successful project starts with hearing the known pain points and identifying additional opportunities where we can boost the value Jovix provides.


What the Customer Success team ensures:

  • Proactive project evaluation and optimization of product functionality
  • Onboarding and execution of project-specific scope
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • 24/7 user support
  • Adoption, project compliance, and communication
  • Process adherence
  • Upstream engagement
  • Status reporting of KPIs and budget reviews

How do we do this?

The customer success team reviews our customer’s goals and works collaboratively to create key progress indicators to track success.

Within the lifecycle of an engagement, the customer success team works to ensure that the needs of the customer are ultimately met and that value is increasing over time. Each position has a specific role within the customer success lifecycle, as project assessments transition to implementations, and implementations transition to adoption and longer term continuous improvement.

Customer Success Managers become engaged with the account during the Material Readiness Assessment phase of the lifecycle and own the implementation from project kickoff to Post-Deployment Assessment, leading all aspects of the deployment. Professional Services team members become engaged at project kickoff or later and serve as subject matter experts in fields including technology adoption, system integrations, and data management. The final piece to ensure customer success is continuous product support from our customer support team.

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Jovix Customer Success
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