Combined Cycle Power Facility Selects Jovix

(BIRMINGHAM, AL – May 9, 2018) – Atlas RFID Solutions, the world leader in Material Readiness for the construction industry, announced today that Bechtel, one of the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world, will be partnering with Jovix on a 1,100-megawatt natural gas fired electric generation power facility.

Jovix is a comprehensive solution utilizing hardware, software, and mobile technology to allow clients to easily locate and manage critical construction materials.

This is the first power project in Jovix and Bechtel’s partnership. The project will use Jovix’s functionality for inspections, preservations and maintenance to manage schedule, avoid rework, and provide real-time reporting.

“We have partnered with Bechtel on numerous projects, so adding on the capability for custom inspection workflows is a logical step,” says Atlas RFID COO Bobby Ball. “We look forward to growing the partnership through this deployment and beyond.”


About Atlas RFID Solutions

Jovix is an award-winning Material Readiness application developed by Atlas RFID Solutions specifically for the capital asset market. Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to extend access to information to decision-makers in the field, as well as digitize and automate manual, paper-based data collection. Jovix provides value for owner/operators, EPC firms, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers by removing impediments to productivity that result from material management issues.

To learn more about Atlas RFID Solutions or how Jovix is used on more than 300 sites across the globe, and how it helps industrial construction projects and operating assets increase efficiency, protect schedule and reduce unnecessary costs, visit or call +1 855-568-4151.


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