Built for a complex, global supply chain with you in mind
Built for a complex, global supply chain with you in mind

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Construction Materials Planning

Jovix provides an easy to use interface for Material Coordinators, WorkFace Planners, and construction management teams to effectively plan material control activities and support the project construction schedule.

  • Material Withdrawal Requests: Users can submit Material Withdrawal Request (MWRs) to generate Pick Lists for material management crews to plan, pick, and issue activities. MWRs can be initiated from Installation Work Packages (IWPs), Construction Drawings, or Ad Hoc. MWRs are converted to Pick Lists that are made available to warehouse crews via mobile devices to efficiently locate materials with GPS, barcode, and RFID technologies.
  • Material Availability: Jovix Web provides a single source of truth for project material availability. Data collected through Jovix mobile devices are used to provide real-time reporting of construction material status and location. Reports can be generated against the project’s Bill of Material (BOM) and workface planning data.
  • AWP Readiness: Planners, Field Engineers, Superintendents, and Material Management staff use Jovix Web to gain real-time visibility into the material status and location information of Engineering Work Packages, Construction Work Areas, and Installation Work Packages. Jovix provides material availability metrics on both current and forecasted status based on algorithms associated with supplier data and construction Required at Site (RAS) data. You can find more information at AWP Readiness.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Jovix provides configurable dashboard reporting capability. Users can configure project-specific reports and leverage the Jovix Export Utility to establish periodic reports based on recurring periods of time and configurable distribution lists. For more information, check out Reporting & Analytics.

Construction-Specific Solution

Jovix is built specifically for the complex global supply chain environment of today’s construction projects. Jovix integrates with Client ERP systems, Advanced Work Packaging Systems, Project Scheduling Tools, like P6, and other systems to provide a single source of truth for Material Readiness. Upcoming Jovix enhancements will include configurable workflows, responsive relational design, and mapping tools to provide end-users easy access to project information.

  • Configurable Workflows: We know terms change from company to company and job site to job site, so our platform allows customization. For example, the Installation Work Package could be changed to Work Order. You also can create custom entities as needed, such as equipment, BOM, etc. Configuration extends to the dashboard as well, allowing custom views and filtering.
  • Responsive Relational Design: Jovix Web can be accessed on any device. The Jovix database is designed to provide end-users access to relational data at the click of a button. Hyperlinks are made available to quickly reference associated material to provide an efficient and easy-to-use experience. Navigate quickly between purchase orders, receipts, material issues, engineering data, workface planning data, and more. Jovix also has Global Search for easy access to all relational data in the system.
  • No Limits Mapping: For Jovix users, the earth is our “yard”. Instead of uploading yard images, we leverage satellite imagery, drone images, CADs, or EarthCam to ensure the most up-to-date mapping. The focus is on cluster mapping and heat mapping with the ability to drill down.
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