Bringing visibility to Construction and fueling a healthy AWP program
Bringing visibility to Construction and fueling a healthy AWP program


At Jovix, we encourage projects to have Suppliers and Fabricators tag materials at the top of the supply chain rather than wait until those materials arrive on site. Earlier tagging mitigates risk through better upstream visibility. Adequate visibility decreases the further upstream a node is from the workface. This uncertainty is traditionally managed through scheduling and inventory buffers, which correlates to higher costs and longer lead times. That affects the construction schedule impact date, leading to productivity loss. From Digital Packing List creation to Receipts (MRR) and OS&D Resolution, Jovix can help your project stick to that construction schedule. Digitizing in-bound materials upstream improves visibility throughout the supply chain, thereby removing uncertainty and allowing for more efficient and timely scheduling. Higher inventory certainty equates to accurate material planning, timely correction, and increased productivity.

The Jovix Supplier Program engages Suppliers to create a Digital Supply Chain via Digital Packing Lists. RFID Tagging / Barcoding / Containerizing occurs for all components upstream. Linking these components and sub-components back to their proper workplan allows for valuable planning to take place.

Jovix Track & Trace or full suite Jovix is suggested to provide location-based statusing for materials throughout the supply chain. The full suite pairing allows visibility into transactions and the overall process.

With our extensive industry experience, Jovix has a list of over 500 Suppliers who are trained in implementing the Supplier Program in their workflow. Reach out to learn if your Suppliers are already onboarded.

If Suppliers are new to the digital supply chain process, no worries. We understand how to get Suppliers contractually onboarded, trained, and interacting with the system, and we have the ROI to prove it.

The Power of Upstream Supplier Tagging

A digital supply chain program with upstream material visibility via Jovix, the Material Readiness Solution, promotes a direct line of engagement with your Suppliers.

Suppliers Will Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

The Jovix Supplier Program allows your Suppliers to share pertinent, itemized data upstream about an asset and its components, benefiting all those involved along the project lifecycle.

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