A team of teams
A team of teams

Our Culture

How Atlas RFID achieves the exceptional

Understanding our company culture is important to understanding Atlas RFID Solutions. A quote written by our CEO in 2006 is still true today…

Atlas’ company culture will be based on a craving for success, excellence in product, individual accountability, loyalty to the team, uncommon camaraderie, constant progress, and a deep pride that results from achieving the exceptional.
Robert Fuqua

CEO, Atlas RFID Solutions


Employees who are not client-facing observe a casual dress code.


A wide variety of complimentary snacks are available in the break room for all employees.


At specific employment milestones, team members earn company-sponsored vacations.

What makes our culture great?


  • REWARDING. We reward loyalty, your actions, and your time. Leading by example does not go unnoticed. We are good at showing gratitude and giving praise where praise is due.
  • TEAM-ORIENTED. No one is an island. We feel connected to both each other and the company’s goals. We feel accountable to each other and to Jovix and realize that we can do more together than individually.
  • COLLABORATIVE. It’s not a dictatorship where orders are just “handed down”. We all have the opportunity to solve problems and be part of the process – we just have to seize it!
  • OPPORTUNITY. We are allowed a level of autonomy that is almost unheard of. We are given a chance to be successful. We are given a chance to make a difference – both in a growing company but also in a global industry. We are optimistic that we will be game-changers. We have the opportunity to make what we want from what we’ve been given.
Atlas RFID Culture
See a theme? Basically, we own our careers by adding value and, as a result, we get to create our own path. Both as a company and as individuals. We are not the same company we were this time last year, and we won’t be the same company this time next year. We are open to continuously learning and adapting.

Will it be easy? No. But it will be worth it.

What do you love about working at Atlas RFID?
We have fun at work.
Let’s go throw sharp stuff.
What do you love about working at Atlas RFID?
We have fun at work.
Let’s go throw sharp stuff.
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