Want to get to know us a little better?
Want to get to know us a little better?

About Us

What you need to know about Atlas RFID Solutions

Atlas RFID Solutions is a private company founded in 2007. We are headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with employees all over the world.

Jovix® is our award-winning solution designed to support complex multi-site Material Readiness™ processes for large, industrial construction projects. The Jovix platform drives value to construction by automating site materials management workflow processes and providing actionable, real-time information about the availability and location of materials, ensuring visibility and traceability throughout the engineering, procurement, and construction material lifecycle.

Our vision is to be the best in the world in providing real-time, geo-contextual, and relational visibility regarding construction materials from fabrication to installation.

About Atlas RFID and Jovix


INTEGRITY – Even when it’s hard, we act with honesty and integrity. We are respectfully candid in our communications. Our decisions are made with empathy and fairness. We honor our commitments.

PASSION –  With innate curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, we bring new ideas to life. We see the world not as it is but as it could be. The biggest challenges energize us. We value hard work, adaptability, and a can-do attitude. We are tenacious problem solvers determined to ensure customer success. We act with optimism and confidence. We strive to accomplish the exceptional.

TEAMWORK –  We are a team of teams and will, therefore, succeed or fail as a team. We believe good teamwork is the most powerful force multiplier available to us. We believe nothing is more professionally satisfying than working with a team of selfless, dedicated, and highly competent individuals united toward a common goal. We also recognize that to be a part of a great team, you must be a great teammate and, as individuals, strive to be such.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We own our mistakes and address them with urgency. We measure performance to drive improvement. We are inspired by each other and the results we deliver. We have a sense of ownership and take great pride in our work. We don’t make excuses; instead we find resourceful ways to get things done.

LEARNING –  We crave knowledge and feedback. We are humble learners. We seek continuous improvement as individuals and as an organization. We listen to our clients and teammates. We value self-awareness and recognize that constructive criticism is the key to growth. We learn from our mistakes.

LEADERSHIP –  We believe good leadership is rooted in selflessness and initiative. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and realize that we influence others through our words and actions. We offer more solutions than problems to each other. We initiate the change we want to see. We believe everyone can be a leader, regardless of rank or role.

Let’s talk about how
Jovix can help you.

Construction is among the least digitized industries in the world. Drop us a line, and we can discuss the benefits of bringing your project into the future of technology.

About Atlas RFID and Jovix
©2019 Atlas RFID Solutions - Give us a call at  +1.205.383.4428
©2019 Atlas RFID Solutions
Give us a call at  +1.205.383.4428
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